Top 7 AI Tools for Generating High-Performing Keywords

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Keyword research is a crucial step in any digital marketing strategy, but it can also be a time-consuming and tedious task.

Many marketers and business owners struggle to come up with a list of relevant keywords that accurately represent their products or services. This is where AI keyword generators come in.

These tools use advanced algorithms to analyze search data and generate a list of keywords that are most likely to drive traffic and conversions.

In this blog, I’ve compiled a list of the 7 best AI keyword generators on the market. I’ve tried and tested over 20 different tools to narrow down the options and bring you the cream of the crop.

This list is perfect for anyone looking to streamline their keyword research process and save time and money.

Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or small business owner, these tools will help you find the right keywords to target and improve your search engine rankings.

What Is an AI Keyword Generator?

An AI keyword generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze search data and generate a list of relevant keywords. These tools can help save time and money by automating the keyword research process and providing a list of high-performing keywords to target.

For example, let’s say you want to create a blog post on “CRM software.”

Using an AI keyword generator, you input “CRM software” as your seed keyword. The tool then analyzes search data and generates a list of related keywords such as “customer relationship management software,” “CRM solutions,” “best CRM software,” and “CRM for small business.”

With this list of keywords, you can create a blog post that targets specific pain points and questions potential customers may have about CRM software.

By incorporating these keywords into your post’s title, meta tags, and content, you can improve your search engine rankings and attract more relevant traffic to your website.

Additionally, some AI keyword generators can also provide data on search volume, CPC, competition, and other key metrics, which can be used to optimize your blog post and make it more effective.

List of Best AI Keyword Generators

Now that you know what an AI keyword generator is and why you should be using it, let’s look at the 7 best AI keyword generators on the market. Each tool has unique features, so read on to find the one that best meets your needs.


Twinword provides a list of popular topics, relevant keywords, SEO, and paid competition metrics based on the main topic. It also includes keyword and title scores along with keyword patterns. You can group keywords by user intent, popular topics, and patterns. Used by big brands, such as Hyundai, Prodigy, and LG, Twinword is an amazing AI keyword generator tool that can take your content and marketing efforts to the next level.

Key features provided by Twinword as an AI keyword generator

  • Keyword patterns
  • Keyword and title score
  • Relevance score
  • Groups keywords by user intent
  • Popular topics


  • Wiktionary
  • Lemmatizer


  • Allows 60 searches/day only
  • More than 1 concurrent user is only available in the most expensive plan


Twinword pricing is designed to be affordable and flexible, with plans starting at just $18/month. You can even use the free forever plan to try the tool out before committing to a paid plan. If you want to save even more, consider opting for an annual plan and enjoy a whopping 33% off.


Although CopyAI is an AI-writing tool, it has a powerful keyword generator tool. This tool easily generates seed keywords and quickly uncovers new opportunities. Just select “Keyword Generator” from a list of 80+ tools, add the main topic, and voila! You have a massive list of seed keywords.

But to validate the keywords, you need to put them into another keyword research tool to find volume and difficulty data, which can be a bummer.

It’s safe to say that CopyAI isn’t a full-fledged keyword generator tool but an excellent seed term generator.

Key features provided by CopyAI as an AI keyword generator

  • Supports 27+ languages
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Multiple instances
  • Groups together
  • ‍100+ templates

  • No integrations with SEO tools
  • Doesn’t support keyword grouping

CopyAI offers a free forever and a paid plan at $49/month, making it accessible to all. To save even more, consider opting for an annual plan and get 25% off, paying only $36/month.


Rytr is an AI-writing tool with a killer keyword generator feature. It generates highly relevant keywords by understanding the context of your content and saves you time on keyword research.

All you have to do is to select the “Keyword Generator” use case and enter your primary keyword. Rytr will generate tons of keyword options for you in multiple variations.

Key features provided by Rytr as an AI keyword generator

  • Offers 1-3 variants
  • 20+ tones
  • 30+ language types
  • Covers semantic and LSI terms

  • SEMrush
  • SERP Analysis

  • Doesn’t support keyword grouping
  • Doesn’t offer a keyword score

Rytr is budget-friendly with a free forever plan and paid plan starting at just $9/month. Want to save even more?

Plus, unlimited content generation costs just $29/month. It’s one of the most affordable AI writing and keyword-generation options.


AskToAI is also an AI-writing tool and has recently launched the Keyword Generator tool. It works similarly to Rytr. Just enter your primary keyword and select language, and it will give you the list of seed keywords that you can either copy, save, or send to someone.

Key features provided by AskToAI as an AI keyword generator

  • Extracts SEO keywords
  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Creates an editorial plan
  • Provides semantic and LSI terms

  • Doesn’t offer any integration with SEO tools
  • Can’t group keywords into clusters


Credit: Bramework

Bramework is an AI-writing assistant that lets you find, save, and track keywords due to its integration with SEMrush. Simply select the “Keyword Research” tool under Dashboard, add your desired keyword, and hit search. Bramework provides you all the relevant keyword research data, such as volume, difficulty, results/SERP, and trends.

You can either continue with the current keyword or choose an alternative one.

With Bramework, you can easily track your keywords and website performance.

Key features provided by Bramework as an AI keyword generator

  • Unlimited recommended keywords
  • Keyword Trends
  • Target questions for your blog posts
  • Keyword rank tracking


  • SEMrush
  • WordPress


  • No free plan
  • Can’t group keywords


Bramework’s basic plan is priced at $19 per month. You can save 15% off the monthly price by opting for annual billing. Bramework also offers a 7-day free trial, allowing you to test the platform before committing to a paid subscription.


Can’t complete this list without mentioning ChatGPT.

Even though it’s not specifically an AI keyword generator tool, there is nothing ChatGPT can’t do as an AI tool.

It’s the closest thing you have as a genie in the bottle.

With the right prompts, you can generate tons of keyword suggestions from ChatGPT.

For example, if you input the phrase’ keyword optimization’ with the prompt “Can you produce a list of 5 keywords that are commonly used in the field of ‘keyword optimization”, ChatGPT will provide keyword suggestions such as:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Autocomplete
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword stuffing

With the right prompts, you can generate as many keywords/ titles/ ideas as you want. Here are a few prompt ideas to generate similar keywords:

  • Please generate a list of 10 relevant keywords about ‘X.’
  • Kindly produce a set of 50 keywords that are commonly associated with the subject of “X.”
  • Can you create a list of 100 frequently used keywords in the field of ‘X’?
  • I would like you to generate a set of 50 keywords closely related to ‘X.’

Just replace the X with your desired keyword, and you are good to go. You can regenerate responses if you don’t like the results.

Key features provided by ChatGPT as an AI keyword generator

  • Saves your list as a Chat
  • Groups keywords if you provide a list of keywords with a prompt like – “can you please group these keywords into relevant keyword clusters?”
  • Infinite use case – seriously, you can do anything with it


  • Has an input character limit
  • Haven’t updated since 2021
  • Network error often occurs in the free plan


ChatGPT has a free forever plan, so you can play around. During high-traffic hours, it may be slow.

Its paid plan was also launched recently for just $42/month, which will prioritize your usage over free plan users. The paid plan has yet to be made live.


ContextMinds lets you find and select keywords based on the volume and difficulty score. It’s definitely different from the rest of the tools we have discussed in the list. The best part is you can create a mind map based on the keywords and visually plan your content strategy.

To start, just add 1-2 key topics you have in mind, and ContextMinds AI will suggest related concepts tagged as Topic and Heading.

You can add any of these idea nuggets to your map to help you come up with fresh ideas, angles, and storylines. Dragging and dropping these triggers can help you brainstorm in different directions.

ContextMinds also lets you manually group keywords so you can clearly understand the keyword clusters you have planned around a topic.

Key features provided by ContextMinds as an AI keyword generator

  • Unlimited relevant keywords
  • Visual representation of keywords
  • Color tagging each keyword group or individual keywords
  • An AI-powered library of your content ideas


  • SpyFu


  • Need to group keywords manually


Its paid plan starts from $19/month and goes up to $69/month with unlimited private maps.

Why Should You Use AI Keyword Generator Tools?

There are several reasons why you should use AI keyword generator tools for your digital marketing campaigns:

Improved target audience targeting:

An AI keyword generator can help you identify the specific keywords your target audience uses to search for products or services like yours. This allows you to optimize your content and advertising campaigns to reach and convert your target audience more effectively.

Increased efficiency and cost savings:

Using it, you can quickly & accurately produce relevant keywords, saving time & effort compared to manual keyword research. Additionally, targeting the right keywords can reduce your advertising costs while increasing your ROI.

Competitive analysis:

It also helps you identify the keywords your competitors are targeting, allowing you to create more effective strategies to compete with them.

Identify new opportunities:

Helps you identify new and emerging keywords that you may not have considered before, allowing you to capitalize on new opportunities for growth and expansion.


In conclusion, if you want to take your keyword research to the next level and save both time and money, these 7 AI keyword generators are a must-try.

These tools are designed to make your keyword research process more efficient by providing relevant, high-performing keywords quickly and easily.

So, don’t wait any longer. Give these tools a try and see their positive impact on your SEO and digital marketing efforts.